About Us

The Premium Story

Premium 2000+ was founded in 1995, in Winston-Salem, NC. The original market was automotive, but we entered the Used Commercial Truck Market exclusively in 2001. This is our 17th year in this market.

The Home Office is staffed by customer service friendly people. A majority of them in the 24/7 Claims Department, all  certified and experienced diesel technicians, who will  help your customers & service departments diagnose the failure and work hand in glove with them to get the truck owner back on the road making a living quickly. The claims department approves and pays out millions of dollars a month to repair trucks. We provide warranty coverage for all commercial trucks and all engines. They want your customer to have minimal “down time” and send him to to the closest shop that can do the work. This can be an OEM or independent shop.  The staff will direct him to one in the proximity of his breakdown. They must call the 24/7 claims Hotline together, owner and shop, to open the claim. Premium’s tech talks to the shop’s technician and emails them the process, from A to Z.

Premium 2000+ counts almost 2,500 enrolled dealer-partners in the US and almost 300 in Canada, most of whom are franchised or Independent truck dealers.  Large or small, Premium 2000+ treats them the same. They are committed to giving the best in quality customer service, claims handling and administration. Premium 2000+’s motto: “If we don’t pay claims, you don’t need us.”

Premium 2000+ was voted Vendor of The Year by members of the UTA (Used Truck Association) 2 of the last 3 years. On any one day, there are over 20,000+ trucks on the road with a Premium 2000+ Warranty, giving the owner peace of mind, that if they have a failure, they will get the help and quality customer service promised Back on the road.