Premium Story

Premium Story


Premium 2000+™ is the original “NO HOOP” (to jump through) Commercial Truck Aftermarket Warranty Provider that began in 1995 in Winston Salem, North Carolina and has grown to become the dominant supplier in its space. We have built our business on the premise of trust and verify. We were the first to allow truck dealers to inspect and qualify their own trucks for major component warranty coverage. After all, quality dealers do not wish to sell inferior new or used equipment. Dealers realize the importance of satisfying their customers in a highly competitive marketplace. Their goal is repeat and referred business and we provide the means to keep their customers on the road.

A warranty company exists to pay claims quickly and courteously so that the claimants have short business interruptions. Our claims staff are all certified diesel mechanics, have all “turned wrenches” earlier in their career and they understand the value of managing repairs properly to avoid further anxiety in an otherwise stressful situation.

We have been the innovators and risk bearers as the mechanical componentry of commercial trucks has evolved. We were the first to provide warranty protection, after factory warranty expires, for refrigeration units, auxiliary power units (APUs), water pumps, fuel pumps, electronic control modules (ECMs) and Aftertreatment componentry including diesel particulate filters (DPF) and emission gas re-circulation units (EGRs). Keeping up with ever-changing technology and the failure issues that accompany is a necessity. If you can’t provide coverages for the components that wear out, you shouldn’t be in this niche. Our base coverages for engines, transmissions, and differentials (rear axle assemblies) can provide protection for up to the time the odometer turns One Million Miles for Class 8 vehicles.

About a decade ago we began training of our selling dealers via Web-Based “live” sessions. Hundreds of dealer sites have utilized this training methodology so as to provide them with the proper terms, conditions, and exclusivities of our varied offerings. Not only are we committed to assuring truck owners a suitable claims experience, we provide all the sales tools and instruction necessary to help our dealers grow their business by selling more trucks and adding to their bottom line.

Claimants have access to our claims staff 24/7/365. Dealer Customer Service is available from 8:30am until 5:00pm, excluding weekends and holidays. There are territorial Sales Representatives with access via phone and email for easy contact that can provide trainings, facilitate supplies, and answer any questions that arise. Service is the key to this business and Premium 2000+™ emphasizes this aspect.

Not only do we insist on providing a quality experience whenever we interact with our dealer and truck owner customers, we are constantly upgrading our hardware, software, and personnel education to keep up with industry changes. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air quality regulations have been an ongoing challenge for engine manufacturers which then becomes our challenge. Failure rates for Aftertreatment Components is highest among today’s major assembly systems for commercial trucks. We were the first aftermarket provider that stepped beyond the factory warranty terms. Competitors have followed, as they always do, but we are the “bell cow” that leads the way. We will continue to do so because we are here to serve the industry – not vice versa.

Our philosophy is simple, “We are the best today, but we will be even better tomorrow!”

Lynn Murphy

President & CEO Premium 2000+™